Friday, 25 June 2010

Week 25 in notes and photos

Week 23 was a week I didn't photograph at all and a pretty bad week as well. Week 24 was better and I made some photos, so I guess I will scrap my week 23 and 24 together in one layout. And than I have to scrap week 25 already! Almost half a year gone by!
Scraplayout for the photobook 2010 to be uploaded later :)

week 25
friday june 18 Finally feeling better after 3 days of flu.
shabbat june 19 fleamarket finds.
sunday june 20 back to work. Sarai and Yael came home with schoolreport cards and they both did well!! Sarai had only one insufficient and Yael had none! Now they are both home till September one!
monday june 21 Michal's graduation at the naval college
tuesday june 22 A one-hour strike at work
wednesday june 23 My mom helping me fencing of the backyard
thursday june 24 Half a day strike at work. We are home early!
We found a nice set of sofas for the salon in the paper, called the seller and made an appointment to meet them at 17.30. Now we live up North and this set was all the way in Tel Aviv, but it was worth it. We left our number so they could call if something came up and they agreed. We took the money from the bank, cash and drove 1.5 hours southward with a truck we had taken from the kibbutz for moving the two sofas. As we arrived in Ramat Aviv Gimel we called the guy to ask how to park closest to his house and what did he say???? He said he had sold the sofas an hour earlier!!! The @$#!#@##$ !!!!! So hubby and me drove the 1.5 hour drive back, had a stop at Ikea to see if they had anything good in their surplus as-is department, had an icecream and drove home!
Friday June 25. Four years to the day Gilad Shalit was kidnapped. We pray with his family for his speedy and safe return and hang with all the country a yellow balloon outside.


Daniƫlle said...

Hoi Elsina! Wat grappig dat je Nederlands spreekt, maar nu zie ik dat je van geboorte Nederlands bent. Jij hebt net als ik ook aardig wat katten rondlopen, leuk!
Mijn katten zijn vrij voorzichtig eigenlijk, maar de meeste spullen in huis vallen ook niet snel om, die Madonna is ook enorm zwaar, dus zal niet snel omgaan (afkloppen).
Fijn weekend!
(Ik zie dat je vegetarisch bent, als je nog lekkere lokale recepten hebt dan houd ik mij zeer aanbevolen :-))

recklessbliss said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog and I think it's really great. I am also a vegetarian animal lover. I'm actually working on a post for my blog about making cruelty free purchases when shopping. My record for number of cats is only 8 and I thought I had a lot! haha Thanks for being another caring soul;) Your blog is so interesting, your culture and beliefs seem really amazing. You should stop by my blog some time for a chat!

Shirley1md said...

Mazel tov on Michal's graduation from the Naval Academy! Also, mazel tov to Sarai and Yael on completing another year of school!

Glad you are feeling better and over the flu!

So sorry to read about the problems with the sofa. I am sure you will find something equally as nice.

Have a good week!