Friday, 2 July 2010

Black frames

Over the years I added more photos as the kids grew, different frames and sizes, without really paying attention. All of the sudden I noticed I have them in natural wood, in dark green, in dark red etc. So I decided to give the kids part of these photos as the eldest has left home and the second is leaving in a couple of month and a third will leave next spring, so they can take their own childhood memories with them. In my hallway I had two rows of 4 images and those I kept. The upperrow are pastel drawings I made ten years ago and the lower row are babyphotos of all four of them. The top row had naturel frames, the lower row had dark green frames, so I spraypainted them all a matfinish black!

I didn't photograph the wall before, but the frames were like these:

black spray paint:


Some scans of two of the drawings:


Pierelantijntjes said...

Wat zal dat stil worden nu ze zo best wel snel achter elkaar het ouderlijk huis verlaten. Blijven ze een beetje dichtbij wonen?
Ik vind je lijstjes prachtig geworden hoor. En wwat een schitterende tekeningen.
Ik wens je een fijn weekend toe.
Lieve groetjes van Ester

Lynn said...

Your drawings are excellent and they look awesome in the black frames. I just moved and now you have inspired me to do a wall of frames too, I love how they are all painted the same, it looks so classy :)

ShadowCase said...

These look great--I love the sketches! And I appreciate you posting the ShadowCase giveaway for me. I, too lost a baby boy about 10 years ago, and his shadowbox in my home is a wonderful way to remember him everyday--especially for my other children. Good luck with the giveaway!