Sunday, 18 July 2010

By the seaside swap

I just send away my box for the By the seaside swap this morning. I finished it in the last two days and I really hope my swap partner will love it. I can't show you images yet of what I send or it will take the surprise for my swap partner of course, but I can perhaps tell a little about it. I was inspired by the horrible oil leak in the Gulf and made an ATC "Protect our Oceans" and a journal/photobook with matching tag. I used my own watercolors for it, so there is no other like that in the world :) Anybody who knows me, knows I just love the sea and everything nautical and seeing the images coming from the Gulf just breaks my heart.
I added some vintage goodies in the box as well. No chocolates I am afraid as it is so terribly hot here! I send my brother a box for his birthday 4 weeks ago and he wrote me some of the (eatable) goodies had gone spoiled as also in the Netherlands they are in a heatwave. Anyway, I will show some pictures as soon as my partner has received her box. It's my first ever swap and I am sure I still got to learn a lot, but I hope she will like it!

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Pierelantijntjes said...

Ik weet zeker dat je swappartner er blij mee zal zijn. Ik heb ook nog nooit meegedaan en wil ooit ook me aanmelden voor een swap. Nee met deze hitte kan je beter geen etenswaren opsturen.
Fijne zondag,
Groetjes van Ester