Friday 23 July 2010

Postworking torn clothes and wounds in renders

I am in the process of moving my tutorials and freebies from my website to my blog. These tuts have been posted at my website before.

In my historical renders I many times postwork in the wounds and torn clothes of my knights. Here some easy tips how to do it.

Choose the stamp option in photoshop or paintshop.

Paintshop pro


Load the image and make a new layer.
Choose the "clone" or "stamp" brush.
Click the clone or stamp brush.

(sample in Paintshop Pro)

Choose a fitting cut/crack brush. You can download such brushes for free at for example. (browse resources, application resources, brushes),

(Sample in Photoshop)

If you want a torn chainmail, click some skincolor in your image and stamp it on the chainmail (see skin trough the chainmail). If you want a cut in a tunic, click the chainmail and you see the chainmail under the tunic coming trough the torn tunic.

Sample of a cut in the chainmail

Sample of a cut in the tunic (on the chest).

and a few more samples

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