Friday, 16 July 2010

Week 27 and 28 in notes and photos

I hope I"ll finish the layouts of week 27 and week 28 later this weekend. I have my "by the seaside" project to finish too :)
Here are the notes of week 27 and 28.

week 27
friday july 2: Michal's "hag mahzor" party, yardsale in the morning.
shabbat july 3: daliat el carmel trip, visit to the beach, we saw twilight Eclipse in the evening.
sunday july 4 back to work
monday july 5: yael broke her foot, spend most of the day in ER waiting for xrays, cast etc.
tuesday july 6: Uruqay Holland football mondial game
wednesday july 7:  barmitswa ceremony of Yael's class.
thursday july 8: to Hadar Lin, visit my favorite hobby/one dollar store
friday july 9: day at home

week 28
shabbat july 10: To Macdonalds en toy story 3 (Yael's wishes)
sunday july 11: back to work, finals mondial. Holland lost to Spain.
monday july 12:
tuesday july 13:
wednesday july 14: start birthday celebration with family.
thursday july 15: birthday trip to Ikea.
friday july 16: day at home

and in photos:
Michal's "hag hamahzor" party -
it means they finished highschool
and start a proces to 
become kibbutz members
(their own flat, a job and salary, studies)

my mom and Yael
Daliat El-Carmel

beach of Atlit

Yael's class barmitswa party and ceremony

"cast art"

 a "feel good"- evening for Yael:
Macdonals and Toy story 3

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