Friday, 6 August 2010

Old friends

We moved to this house when Michal was a baby and she is now almost 18, so we have lived here for a while and everytime the kids entered a new stage in life, remnants of the stage before would end up in the attic. Baby clothes, children toys, cribs, chairs, wedding gifts (from our wedding), books, endless piles of stuff I didn't look at in 18 years.....
As hubby and me are getting older and I have a metal hip, I thought a while back it would be good to clean out the attic, as it's very hard for me to climb the small ladder. The entrance to the attic is a square hole of 3x3 feet perhaps, 90x90 cm. I really would not want for the kids someday to have to clean out that mess for us. So today I decided to take down another batch of plastic bags, boxes and crates (some of the things are packed in wooden vegetable market crates, in which I shipped my books from Holland 24 years ago!).

And look what I found! Two of my long lost friends, that I didn't know I owned anymore. I once lend my typewriter to a student and I was sure I had given it to him as a present, but he must have returned it to me! I bought that typewriter in 1981 when I was 17 and doing a typist course. I saved for it with my pocketmoney for ages! The other item is my flowerpress. This I bought from pocketmoney when I was 12 or so and it must be some 35 years old! Just the other day I came across a blogger, Her Creative Spirit,  who made the most beautiful tags and cards with dried flowers and I wished I still had my press. And voila :)

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