Thursday, 16 September 2010

Back home

We are back from our get-away to Tel Aviv. Unfortuately we had to hop back home 2 days ago for a very unexpected funeral of my friend's partner, who died all of the sudden at the age of 56. So very sad. After the funeral we drove back to the hotel (1.5 hour drive) and packed up the next day.

We stayed at the Dan Panorama Hotel, at the Tel Aviv beach, very close to Yaffa. I could see the old Yaffa harbor from out of our room window and of course Mediterranean Sea .

and Yaffa means fleamarket of course :) It was a bit disappointing - more junk than antiques-, but I did find a few items (more about that in a later post)

the room was ok, nice airconditioned (it's still 30 Celcius plus) and I managed to read and finish Dan Brown's Lost symbol. The food was excellent.

We also visited the Carmel market, which was at walking distance from the hotel.

We visited the restored old Yaffa trainstation and had a swim in the hotel pool. The sea is right behind the pool. Many large planes flew over low as Ben Gurion airport is not far away.

And so I am back home! I cleaned away over 500 emails. I had planned to go over my blogreader, but after scrolling for over an hour, I still had 1000 plus blogs left, so I marked them as read. If I didn't visit your blog and/or commented, this is the reason. There were just to many. But starting today I am with a clean blogreader, starting fresh :)

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Shirley1md said...

I also visited the flea market in Yaffa with my son Jeff many years ago. If is very interesting and sometimes you can find some very special things!

Welcome home!