Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Back home, happy and sad

I am back home! Will tell you later how it was etc. once I have unpacked and settled. It was in short wonderful, but I am also happy to be back home with the family.

I knew the kids and kitties would be ok with hubby, and that I could leave without worries, but leaving Bettie behind was difficult as she was constantly looking for me, for reassurance, for comfort as she was very ill. On saturday the 9th of October hubby gave her an IV, but he said she wasn't eating well. During the last month, Bettie used to sleep on my chest while I would stroke her head. Sarai said when she was sitting at my place, Bettie would go to her instead and sleep beside her or on her chest :) which comforts me, knowing someone was with her. On sunday the 10th hubby checked on her during his breakfast break from work at 10.00 and she was laying on a catblanket on my bed. At 13.00 during lunchbreak he found her next to the bed on the floor and she had passed away sometime earlier. He send me a textmessage that he had buried her in our backyard.

I am so sad I wasn't around her at her last moment, that she was all alone, that perhaps she tried to go after hubby as he went back to work and than fell, thinking if she searched for me that week when I was away, thinking if it might have made a difference etc. I can only find comfort knowing she had a good but short 4 year life and that she is now without suffering under the rainbow bridge.

Bettie came to us in August 2006. Somebody anonymous left her and her sister Fiona, her brothers James, Bobbie and Ginger in a carton box in our backyard with a carton of milk. They were less than a week old. We bottlefed them for weeks. Bettie was the smallest and weakest. She had a bad infection, but with medicins we saved her. Bobbie was the first to run off before he was "helped" when he was around 5-6 months old. James also ran away. Ginger we had helped, but also he one day didn't come home. Bettie and Fiona both stayed. Fiona today is a very healthy 4 year old and the only one left to us from this litter.
Rest in peace my sweet brave Bettie. 

August 2006- 10 October 2010


Pierelantijntjes said...

Aach Elsina,
Wat ontzettend triest. Juist nu je weg was. Wat kan je veel van zo'n beestje houden he?
Ik wens je sterkte hoor.
Groetjes van Ester

Yan Hong said...

I am so sorry about Bettie.