Sunday, 24 October 2010

Crazy dreams

Sure I wish for my family a long and healthy life, that all are happy etc. if you would ask what I wish for,  but I was thinking today what are my lifelong crazy dreams, that I still hope to fullfill at least one of them someday  and that not many people know off LOL!

 1. Learn to play bagpipes (not sure hubby likes this one)
 2. Sail with a clipper the route of Captain Cook, the Caribbean, Hawai etc
 3. Visit Norway and the Fjords
 4. Visit Alaska and Nova Scotia
 5. Visit Scotland, the island of Skye and Iceland
 6. Visit Pompei
 7. Finish my book on the Crusader Castles in Israel
 9. Play Bach's Toccata on a large church organ
10.Buy a medieval castle in France, a historic estate in the UK or the Art Nouveau villa in Groningen where I was born (would have to win the lottery for that)
11.Travel to the USA, perhaps from coast to coast with a camper :) to see the rock formations in Bryce Utah, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Washington DC, the Smithsonian, the USS many things to see! (this one hubby would like)
12.Visit the Hermitage in St Petersburg Russia to see Aivasovkies paintings

What are your crazy dreams?


Pierelantijntjes said...

Mooi wensen Elsina. Ik wil ook wel mee op sommige van die reizen hoor. Durf alleen niet te vliegen...
Mijn droom is toch wel een soort van winkeltje met vanalles wat, en een eigen hobbyruimte. En een reisje naar Londen, en een reis naar Israel. Er is deze week weer een groep van onze kerk naar Israel vertrokken, en ik zou best een keer mee willen gaan. Wie weet...ooit....
Fijne week,
Liefs Ester

n o r d i n g å r d e n said...

Mmm visit Norway is in my list to:) Even if I have been there, lovey!! Your oven-roasted vegetables sounded really good! Thank you for being in the drawing with me! Mari.