Thursday, 21 October 2010

Heirloom spice cabinet

A couple of years before my father died (he died in 1977) he bought a set of antique ceramic kitchen drawers. Four small ones and 3 large ones which where still in good condition more or less. One of the larger drawers had been repaired and some had hairlines and chips, but nothing big. He build a wooden cabinet around it with a wooden drawer in the middle to make up for two missing smaller drawers. Above the drawers are three compartments to hold more spices. When I emigrated to Israel in 1988 the spice cabinet came with me (together with my old dollhouse, build by my dad, the only two things that I still have from him). I plan to have all the spices in dark glass containers and am on the look for a set that fits the cabinet. I am so happy with this heirloom and I will surely pass it on to my children.

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Het is een hele mooie.
Wat je vader heeft gemaakt.

Lieve groet,