Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Week 40 in photos and notes

Ready for my project 365 layouts, the photos of last week.

week 40
We finished rebuilding the 1970s hutch which came in many pieces. It has a ton of space for my dishes  behind glass doors, so the cats won't drop and break it (my kitchen has open shelves holding dishes). It's a wood veneer vintage Spanish hutch (still undecided if to paint the wood veneer into white or grey?). I rather had a pinewood antique hutch but they are just not to be found here in Israel. It not only keeps all the dishes, but also the table cloths, dishtowels, DVDs, office supplies, hubbies studybooks and school supplies and a ton more :)

Furthermore Michal was drafted in the navy last week and she"ll be probably only once in the 3 weeks home for a day or so. Army service is compulsary here for boys (3 years) and girls (2 years), but Michal signed up for an officer course which is 3 years and another 4 years to get an academic degree. For now nothing much changed as she is wearing the same uniform, she wore 4 years at the navy college, from which she graduated 3 months ago. Sharon was discharged last year November 2009, after her 2 years service. Sharon also served in the navy.

And the lovely ginger cat is Bastet. She is our oldest cat and will be six in February 2011. She is a sister of Flip, my mom's cat and a sister of our cat Thomas who passed away from feline leukemia in 2007.

So what do you think? Should I paint the veneer hutch in black or white? I bought already a veneer primer, just haven't decided yet. The veneer has a nice art nouveau kinda flower pattern in it, which will be lost after painting, but there is enough decorative moulding to compensate. The same art nouveau pattern is etched in the glass doors. Anyone had success painting a piece of veneer furniture?

edited in answer to Miranda's comment (Thank you :):
next to the hutch will be the dining table as in the photo below. It's white with a pine top. So my first choice would be white.

Hope you all have a great day!

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Ik zou het verven.
Maar ik weet niet wat je voor de rest heb staan in huis.
Daar moet het wel bij passen.
Het moet goed geschuurd worden de kast en dan de primer.
Dan weer schuren en afverven met een krasbestendige verf.

ik ben benieuwd wat je doet.
lieve groet,