Thursday, 11 November 2010

Vous etes un tresor

I never win anything with giveaways, but this week I won twice! Not only Karen's beautiful scarf but also this set of (eco-friendly) pearls on a leather string by Nicholas Landon Jewelry at a giveaway at Sealaura! You know I love everything nautical and maritime and just had to enter! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw I had won! It came in a beautiful box with a card. This is what it said on the card:
Pearls are the oldest known gem and symbolize the best within us...wisdom, truth, purity and faith. The only jewel made by a living creature, the pearl grows slowly into an object of beauty and simplicity. Like the pearl, you are the precious jewel made by a living God..a person of beauty and simple goodness. Let our jewelry be a gentle reminder that you, like the pearl you wear, are a one-of-a-kind unique treasure. - vous êtes un trésor.
Isn't that beautiful?

(photo with seastar from Nicholas Landon Etsy store)

 On Nicholas Landon Jewelry:
Our nautical inspired one-of-a-kind pearl and leather designs are as unique as the natural materials we use meaning no two are ever exactly alike and take our human hands to create from start to finish.

We select and hand drill superior quality genuine pearls obtained from eco-friendly freshwater lakes and rivers of America and China ~a country which has prized and valued pearls for hundreds of years.

Proudly honoring the techniques and traditions of leather workers used for centuries, we cut and roll by hand, a unique durable leather into velvety soft leather cord. Time is the true test of quality leather and our leather becomes creamier, yet tougher with can even be worn in water on a regular basis...which we hope you will...
The set I received has a necklace, a bracelet, and matching earrings. It's totally unique, the way it's crafted and the way it closes and amazingly beautiful in it's simplicity. I don't have much jewelry, but I will treasure this set always! Thank you, Mickey, from Nicholas Landon Jewelry for this fantastic present and Laura from Sealaura for hosting this give away!

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On a side-note,  I am working hard on my own next giveaway! More about it soon!


Kikka N said...

Wow! Congratulations, You have been very lucky this week! Isn`t it nice!

Pierelantijntjes said...

Gefeliciteerd Elsina. Wat een prachtige giveaway heb je gewonnen. En wat een mooie boodschap zat erbij.
Veel plezier ervan.
Liefs Ester

La Maison said...

Mooi!!Wat een verrassing zo'n mooie giveaway, gefeliciteerd. Je zit dus even in het prijzenhoekje, leuk voor je.


Mickey (Michel) Johnson said... happy that you are enjoying your pearl and leather jewelry and hope you do so for many years to come. thank you for participating in the give-away and for your wonderful post about our nautical inspired jewels. much thanks, many blessings and lots of hugs, mickey

sealaura said...

Elsina, they do look fab on you. I love your collage. Thanks so much for the lovely post.

hugs from california,