Monday, 6 December 2010

The end

They finally gave the sign the fire is under control last evening! We were in the smoke all day because the wind had changed, but this supertanker plane and the other 34 planes did the job! Sadly today came the news that the (female) police chief of Haifa has died from her wounds. She had tried to save the people inside the trapped bus and got burned over 80% of her body. Just seeing the pictures of the Carmel looks like a winter forest in the snow from far...but it's a blackened dead forest in ashes from will take a while to digest. But next month is tubishvat, our national tree holiday and we will plant again!

Thank you all for your concerns! And thanks to all the countries, who helped us in this tragedy. The fire ultimately claimed 42 lives, destroyed communities and consumed more than 4 million trees across 10,000 acres, but without these countries' help, it could have been much worse.

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Ik ben heel blij voor jullie dat het over is die brand.

Nu maar op naar nieuwe aanplant van bomen en mensen verzorgen.

Lieve groet,

Pierelantijntjes said...

Gelukkig dat de brand onder controle is. wat een tragedie Elsina. Mijn gedachten gaan uit naar alle slachtoffers en hun nabestaanden.
groetjes van Ester

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

such good news! thank you for updating us - excellent to hear it from first hand as i'd seen it on our cdn news..