Saturday, 11 December 2010

A good day and a winner

Today is a nice Shabbat at home. It started great with a phone call at 8.45 this morning from Michal from her navy base! (she is only allowed to use a public phone on Saturdays). I had not spoken to her in 8 days and I have not seen her 3 weeks now, but next weekend she is coming home! Miss her bunches!

Then another great thing is the rain! It has been thunder and lightning since yesterday and raining and temperatures dropped perhaps with 10-15 degrees. I love it! And it's so good for the plants and crops. The kitties don't like it much and all are staying inside. Patchouli found a place on top of my laser printer up high. Quite scary when she jumps down on my keyboard while I am working.

A third good thing is Jacob is improving. The little one had been bitten 2 weeks ago by a large male stray cat outside in the garden and I think his bites got infected. He has been apathetic all week, although he did eat and drink. But I had to bring it to him, pick him up for his needs outside, bring him back in etc. I told hubby yesterday I wanted to see a vet tomorrow, but a miracle! he improved overnight! He is such a sweetie.

A less nice thing is Jojo, our 12-years-something old snautcher dog doesn't want to walk outside because of the rain and the old man peed on my couch overnight! He has never done this before, but he is getting old. The couch is perhaps only a year old, but the upholstery can't be taken off. I had promised Michal the set of the 3- and 2-seater for her flat (as I want an Ektorp). I have been cleaning it twice this morning, but can't get rid of the smell. So I guess that was it. Any tips besides straight to the junkyard?

As the girls were home this week with Hanukkah vacation, we made some clay tags, to paint and decorate afterward. I think they look lovely on presents and the girls loved to make them with me.

and where are these ones going?

I took all the names from the comments on my giveaway and wrote them down in a word document. This because some people only commented once, saying they are followers etc. (which already gave them two tickets). So I entered each participant on the list as "name" comment, "name" sidebar, "name" facebook follower etc. This way I came to 72 tickets, printed them, folded them into a cup and had Yael taking one out with me photographing it and Sarai as a witness.

and the winner is Miranda from The black barn (winning ticket was for posting it on her sidebar). Congratulations!!! Please send me your address so I can send it to you ASAP! I wish I could send you all something and thank you for playing! I will for sure hold a new giveaway, so stay tuned!

Have a wonderful weekend!


La Maison said...

Wat fijn dat je dochter eindelijk thuis komt, dat is een heel mooi bericht.

En voor Miranda,
Gefeliciteerd met je gewonnen giveaway.

gezellig weekend

Bettum Villa said...

Hi. How fun that you would follow my blog. Thank you!
As for det stain on your sofa I would recomend to get/rent a carpet cleaner or something that cleans with steam. Maybe it would work?

Have a nice day. Madelén

Elsina said...

Oh thanks for the tip! I hadn't thought of that. I have a steamer myself! Will give it a try! Thanks :)

alma said...

Leuk hoor voor Miranda! Proficiat!

Groetjes en een fijn weekend!



Ik ben heel blij!!
I'm happy, very happy
zo blij!!

Dankje wel hoor!!.
Ik maak er een leuk blogpost van, als ik het binnen heb mijn give away.

Lieve groet,

fl_connie said...

I am sure it is too late now - but for animal stains on upholstery or carpets - try peroxide, it works wonders.