Monday, 24 January 2011

500 Days

Tomorrow marks the 500th day without Joey.

I still have Fiona from the first litter that was left at our doorstep in 2006, I still have Bastet from the litter of 2005 ( mother killed on the road) and I still have four of the five of the litter that was left last year by some evil person in my backyard. Together with the "guests" coming for dinner, we usually have around 12 cats passing through the house daily. But Joey was something special.

I found him in my front garden when he was 2-3 months old in 2007. He was very shy and I couldn't get to him. Then he got an eye infection. I could have saved his eye with ointment, but he didn't let us catch him. So Joey went blind with one eye. He had the cutest cross-eyed look on his face since. We still hadn't found a name for him, but that evening we were watching Friends on TV, the part where Joey tries to sneak in at Monica's Thanksgiving dinner with this mesmerizing look in his eyes :). And they say, "Don't look at him, Monica! He is doing the things with his eyes again". Since then our Joey became Joey!

Then our other cat Thomas (Bastet's brother) got very ill. All of the sudden Joey came inside the house and slept next to Thomas, caring for him, cleaning him, until Thomas died. Always when somebody was sick, Joey was around and we called him our "healer-cat". He was the most gentle, sweet thing and so smart. I would call his name and he would come like dogs come to their boss. Cats never let you call them! But he did. When I was sad, he would cheer me up. Everybody said he was too good to be true, an angel in disguise.

Then in August 2009 somebody left a box with a very skinny young mother cat and her 5 kittens in our backyard and sped off. I tried everywhere to find them a home. I had them vaccinated, spayed and neutered when they were half a year old. But nobody wanted them, so they stayed. Maybe it was too much of a noise for Joey, he loved his space and quietness. On a Sunday morning in September he went for a walk and never returned. He'd never done that before. I live in a rural settlement, not close to highways or other settlements. Nobody saw a dead cat, nobody saw him at if he had disappeared from the earth.

I have a feeling he found a place somewhere else in my village. Maybe somebody else was in desperate need of a little angel to help out. I have searched daily for him, for months and not seen him or met anybody that had seen him, I called shelters, put flyers, placed ads, and nothing came out....

but every night I wish him well, hope he is happy and pray for his return.

Here is to you sweetie. Miss ya!

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Farah said...

Hello Elsina...
Oh poor Joey ... I can feel your sadness because my percy lost for two days and we all become like empty and lost... everytime feels that he might come from this corner, from here, we listened his voice oh terrible days and after three days we just pray that atl least he will be fine, in someone's careful hands.. he will be in some shelter... But we are lucky that on fourth day a man came and asked did you lost your cat, he is with me ... oh so happy so happy........
so much love for you and your Joey...

Debbiedoos said...

Oh I am so very sorry about sweet Joey, what a beautiful face he has. What can one say, except that he touched your heart and forever will. Perhaps someday it will be a miracle and he will return. In the meantime, you can only hope and pray, that yes another family took him in, and he is happy in a quiet home. Thanks for sharing your heart with us.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

What a sweet and sad story. I had a cat that was missing for two weeks and had given up and then heard him whining off in the distance and he was up a tree over two big dogs in my neighbor's back yard two doors up. I was so happy to have him back. That was many years ago and he has since passed on. You sure have a lot of cats. People are dumping their unwanted ones at your house because they know you will care for them. We used to get strays dumped at our house, too.

Maria said...

Hello to you. What a beautiful story you tell. I am so moved. Also am such an animal lover many hugs from Maria Corner

HollyC said...

Your story about Joey really pulls at my heart strings! I pray that he's in a safe home with a loving family. He is really beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
Blessings to you,

the cape on the corner said...

oh, what a story about joey! i am so sad that he is is obvious how much he means to you. the story of how he got his name is priceless! stopping by from debbie's party.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Elsina. Joey was such a dear cat. It does sound as if he just "dropped down from heaven" (this is what i say to my cats, they are all strays from unknown origins) into your life.
What a sweet and special boy.
Thank you for helping so many cats.
I believe, like you do, that he is happy somewhere.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Thanks for stopping, that is a sad but up lifting story all at the same time. you are a true lover of cats, how wonderful that you take care of so many!


Agnes said...

I am so sorry about your Yoey.
He looks like our Chanou.
We lost 5 cats during a fire in our house.
5 survived.
But we know that they all had a good life and we also know, that the fire wasnot our fault.
Of course we tried to save them, but it was to late.
We miss them all, still, the pain will never go by.
(Hope my English is good enough.)
Bless you and i hope for a miracle.

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Oh so sad...You never know, he may just pop back into your life again as unexpectedly as he left. I hope so. :) Otherwise, I think you're right. He has found someone who needed a friend.

Leo said...

Oh my - this brought tears to my eyes. I know how you feel. I think though, that Joey is somewhere safe. Since you looked so long and hard for him - someone would have seen him if he got hit by a the good news is he is probably somewhere making someone else happy. I had a cat like Joey once. Her name was Lucy. She was a kitten of my older cat. And a friend baby sat her when I was out of town - and when I came back - she had gotten out and never came home. I was devastated. I looked and looked just like you - and then I stayed in that apartment for an extra year...hoping she would come home. She never did and I felt terribly guilty for a long time. Thank you for sharing this story - and I know just how you feel.

kristin said...

what a gorgeous boy, and im sending prayers to hoping that he is safe and warm wherever he might be.

Fiona said...

So sorry to hear about Joey - its must be heartbreaking to not know where he is - my old cat died last year - he was 17 - long time to have a cat and I still miss him x