Saturday, 1 January 2011

Mikayla's Gift

I'm proud to be a part of the "Mikayla's Gift Colab" to honor a 7-year-old girl who lost her short battle with cancer just a few short days before Christmas 2010. Mikayla's one fear of dying was that she would be forgotten. Thanks to these amazing store owners and their designers, the "Mikayla's Gift Colab" will remain a testament to a brave little girl whose love of Faeries was well known. We hope that the "Mikayla's Gift" will live on in your own memory pages.
Mikayal's family decided to donate all profits to the Royal children's hospital.
This colab is a 4 part series (4 stores) and each part can be purchased for just $5.00. Each store only sells the part of it's own designers, so if you would buy at all 4 stores, you get 4 different collabs, making a huge kit together!
and is on sale till January 31. You can see previews at the links!

This kit is a collaboration of many designers and is huge!

Here is my part:

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Sandy Ang said...

Such a wonderfully worth-while project to undertake for her family. Hope next year is just as creative and fabulous for you. If you have a fav project of 2010, come by and it link up.