Saturday, 12 February 2011

Valentine's Day Sales

My store at CSD is on sale from today till Feb 15th, 30% off because of Valentine's Day :)

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"The Mysteries of Love"
Our inspiration poem:
"...Love is a vast emotion
it can fill you up inside
it can rip you apart and leave you questioning Why?
But Love was given to us as a gift
so precious and divine
So that we can share it with others
so that the light may through us shine
One does not know the key to it's mystery that runs deep
It exists always
even while we sleep
Love was given for a reason
It is truly just to share
An emotion to show someone else
how deep down we really care ..."
By Anonymous

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Mollye said...

I love the eye for color you have. Just luscious and delicious! Happy Valentine's Day, Mollye