Friday, 22 April 2011

I am back!

I think not to many missed me, but anyway I am back :) We had a month full of renovations and movings. Three of my four girls got a new flat (two of them left home) and Yael the youngest (14) got a new room! She got Sarai's old room (Sarai got her own apartment, more about that soon)

Yaels old room was a Barbie pink mix and match with tons of children toys, Barbies and Bratz was time for some more teenie colors and she wanted brown/beige and green. We found a lovely wallpaper at Ebay (no wallpaper stores in Israel), called Snow blossom. Her room is really tiny, 2.80 meters by 2.80 meters, so I did only one wall. We changed the iron black Ikea bed for a lovely white wooden bed with matching dresser and nightstand.



Yael's old room became my Craft room! Super-tiny, being 2.70 by 2.60 meters, but it's better than the corner I used to have in the bedroom! My first ever own craftroom/studio!

New studio!

Michal's old room was the original master bedroom of the house, decorated by her when she was 12-13. She moved out this month (she is 18 now) and got her own apartment not far from our place. So we could move back to the old master bedroom (our bedroom will become part of the enlarged living room). I love how the new master bedroom turned out! Do miss the girls sleeping home though :)



In December 2010 I won a give away at  1963VintageLane. I absolutely love Jackie's prints! Hubs  loved the birds and I love the deers and Jackie send us both! So sweet! I wanted to have the Ikea frames, because they are light and don't break (my cats break everything!) and than our Ikea burned down (see earlier post), so I had to wait until hubby could drive me to the only other Ikea left in Israel, which is a two-hour drive! But I got my black frames and they go so fantastic with the black/creme toile du Jou wallpaper (another Ebay find). I didn't have enough wallpaper so I did the bottom half with white beadboard wallpaper (also Ebay). Love LOVE how it all came together! Still need to hang up more art/photos on another naked wall, but will do so next week.

The other set of prints (deer/moose) will go to the new living room once we have finished it! Thank you, Jackie!!!!

Etsy store 1963 Vintage Lane


It's me said...

Ziet er allemaal erg mooi uit hoor!!! geslaagd dus......liefs

Pierelantijntjes said...

Hoi Elsina,
Ik vind de kamers metamorfoses echt super! Wat mooi ook dat behang op de slaapkamers.
En die giveaway is geweldig zeg.
Wat balen dat je nu zo lang moet rijden voor een ikea. Maar je lijstjes zijn wel prachtig.
Een heel fijn weekend,
groetjes van Ester

Gloria said...

The redecorating looks beautiful, especially the wallpapers and the bedrooms, very restful and pleasant.

CircleofLifeStudioScraps said...

It looks fantastic!! I am doing the happy Hora for your new studio!!