Friday, 3 June 2011

Baby dresser make-over

23 Years ago I was in need of a baby dresser for changing diapers for our firstborn and found all the dressers in the stores to low for me. So I ordered one at the local carpentry and had a custom-made dresser and matching shelf, 100 cm wide and 100 cm high. It was made of pine and cost me than 315 shekels (75 dollars). I used it for four babies and then it became a TV-stand in the bedroom. Now with that bedroom becoming part of the new living room, I had no room for such a large heavy dresser, but I did want to keep it. So I changed it into a kitchen island type of dresser :) It holds most of my kitchen stuff as mixers, pots and pans, plastic boxes, thermos bottles and all my oven pots, pans, and plates! I attached an IKEA kitchen rail at the sides to hold more kitchen utensils and I love it!

BEFORE (Scan from old photo)

Painting, attaching new handles and some appliques.

What do you think?

We still need to break a small wall and then paper/paint the wall that will be the new family room. Sunday the carpenter will come and fix a ton load of things (Sunday is a workday here). Maybe I"ll find a nice wallpaper on my next trip to Holland. I will be around Emmen at 14-17 June and around Utrecht/Houten at 18-19 June and then hopefully be flying back home on the 20th. If anybody of you knows of some nice Brocante stores/fairs/flea markets around those dates?

Ik ben in Nederland tussen 14-17 juni a.s. omgeving Emmen en 18-19 juni omgeving Houten/Utrecht. Heeft er nog iemand leuke tips van Brocante adresjes, fairs of rommelmarkten rond die data?

Have a wonderful weekend!!


It's me said...

Wat leuk wat je met dat kastje hebt gedaan !! superrr....gaaf hoor!!...ik heb nog even gegoogled maar kon niet echt iets vinden in die winkel maar dat weet je......liefs van mij...fijn

Gloria said...

This is a great idea and a family heirloom, too!

CircleofLifeStudioScraps said...

That's neat, Elsina! Such a clever lady you are. Have a great week!

Elizabeth Johnson said...

I love how this turned out! Great idea.