Sunday, 24 July 2011

(Thrift)stores and fleamarkets

In the middle of July, I had my 48th birthday. I got a beautiful lamp from hubby and some other things, some lovely clothing/jewelry from the girls and money from my mom/in-laws. From the money, I bought a nice Yamaha organ from 1984 in perfect condition. I wanted an electric piano but didn't find one in my area, so that"ll have to wait. As the organ came cheap, I had some cash to spare for thrifting and flea marketing :)

This Bellora tablecloth (67 by 98 inch) is a lovely creme damask, comes in the original box, never used, with 12 napkins, Egyptian cotton. Retailed for 440 dollars (!) and I bought it for 80 shekels in a second-hand store. (22 dollars, 17 euro). I wonder though who buys a 440 dollar tablecloth????

German cake-set (large cake plate and 6 smaller cake plates) and a set of 10 identical salad plates (or a little bit larger "cake plates") that are a Chinese copy-cat of the German original and of inferior quality to the German. This is a cake plate set I want to use if the girls bring friends and I am afraid to get one of my Liberty Blue cake plates broken :). Bought in second-hand store for 30 shekels (8 dollars).

Lovely set of 5 large goblets in purple.

Set of six English cups and saucers. Love the blue pattern.

Not a thrift store, but still a steal. Fabrics at Ikea in the sale for 9 shekels ($2.40) a meter (little more than a yard). The black will be for curtains for Sharon.

These 4 beautiful brown glasses came from Italy and cost me 2 dollars for the 4 together at the Haifa fleamarket. I also got 8 white crystal wine glasses from Italy there but somehow forgot to photograph them. And found a linnen table runner from Russia there as well, but it's in the laundry at the moment, so photos later :)

This painting was painted by the Italian painter Antonio Casiglio Fazzini and was 10 dollars at the second-hand store. I know it's somewhere in Italy, but it looks exactly the Kishon River and mount Carmel behind it, where we live.

These cereal bowls and coffee mugs I bought at an Israeli clothes and home-chain, named Fox. For each purchase you make they put aside 10% of the amount you paid as cash you can use at your next buy. This set was 35 shekels ($9.40) and I got it for free :)


It's me said...

Wat een boel leuke spulletjes......enne had ik je nu gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag ???...VAN HARTE nog !!...smak smak......gezellige dag...liefs van mij.......oww het regent...alweer......sjuchttttt...ik wil zon !!!...heb het zo nodig !!...kus van

oma leentje said...

Hoi hoi , je hebt aardig wat ingeslagen zeg. Heerlijk he al dat antiek en brocante. Geniet van je mooie spullen Fijne week........

France Guérin said...

Love your goodies!
And Happy Birthday, Have a wonderful Sunday!

Laurie said...

OH, I love IKEA and just blogged about it myself! I think you found some amazing things in Holland and I cannot believe your luggage was still underweight! Amazing! You seem to be having a very fun summer.