Monday, 29 August 2011

New week

Bella has not returned and I don't think she will now. Joey has been missing for nearly 2 years and not a sign of him ever since. We already have a couple of new guest cats coming and going, so the house is always full of them, but I do miss them!

This is the last week of the school-vacation. School starts on September 1 here. All the new school supplies are ready, the girls have new uniform Tshirts printed with the school logo and especially Yael is anxious to return :) So I had to think of something to keep them busy these last weeks! They have been with vacation since June 20th!

Last Saturday we went to visit Michal who was on her Navy-boat in a harbor, a half-hour drive away from us (can't show you pictures of Michal or tell you where it was exactly as it's against army rules).We packed her some clean laundry, magazines and tons of food and she was happy! After the visit the girls wanted to go to the beach.

A couple of days later Michal (18) came home on leave, as she had passed an important exam (she is a cadet at Navy academy, advanced phase), so we had to celebrate and we went to an Arab restaurant where we had eaten before. They have the best  homemade hoummous, falaffel, baklauwa and pitta!
We were eight together and everybody loved it and had a great time!

The day after we took the girls to the mall for some vacation-shopping and Sarai (16) bought the same dress, Yael (14) bought a couple of months ago, but in a different color hehehe

The next day I decided to make some new pillows for the living room. I made two Tartan pillows from old man-shirts I had found at the local charity ( we don't have Goodwill, but we have a kind of charity/second hand store where most is free). I also had two old fishermen sweaters from the girls when they were toddlers. One of them my mom had knitted, but the sleeves were in bad shape, with paint that had not come out and holes. I didn't want to throw it away as she had made it, but than thought I can make also two pillows of these as they go really well with the tartan! I love how they came out, so nice warm and cozy! As you can see I am VERY much looking forward towards the rainy fall/winter season as it has been around 30 Celcius since May 2011 without a single drop of rain!

Yael really wanted to learn to sew! I am not good in it myself and only recently started using the vintage machine my mom gave me, but my mom was willing to show Yael the basics. My mom had given me 3 huge curtains to give to charity and I had washed them and bagged them ready to take to charity, when all of the sudden I thought they would be great to make new covers for the garden furniture. I would have preferred some nice neutral color or old grainsacks, but hey, this fabric was free!

Over time I had lost some of the covers in the kibbutz laundry and bought another set (not identical) and also had lost some of those. They were also worn and ugly. Each pillow is 110 shekels! (nearly 30 dollars) and I have 8! No way I am going to spend 880 shekels on eight new pillows. My mom's old curtains are a vintage yellow/orange tulip pattern, thick quality fabric, I think from Turkey (Scotch card Felicia Küçükçalık döşemelik) and I think I have at least 18 yards of it.

old covers:

I showed Yael how we were going to make them (envelope closing for easy laundry). I made one and she made 3! And a matching tablecloth, and a matching throwpillow and we still have more than half of the fabric left!
Next week we"ll make another four of them for the larger dinging table (right now we only use the smaller one).

What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week! Stay safe!

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Wat een gezelligheid allemaal.....helemaal leuk hoor......jij met de meiden......hihi!!..liefs van mij....geniet van deze laatste week vrij !!....liefs van