Thursday, 6 October 2011

I am back!

We returned yesterday, but I had so much work waiting that I could not blog before. It was wonderful! I will make a blog post about the trip later, once I have unloaded the camera and unpacked the suitcase LOL

I, first of all, finished my layout for round 2 of the crappers idol contest at CSD! (deadline is Sunday, but tomorrow starts Jom Kippur). Same kit (by Karen) used as in round one. Hope you like!

Please visit my gallery and leave a comment if you like (it might help me getting to round 3 :)


It's me said...

Welkom thuis...ben benieuwd na de foto's!!...liefs van

La Maison said...

Vind je het ook zo'n vervelend werkje om alles uit te pakken na een reis?
Fijn dat je er weer bent Elsina.

Lieve groet