Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Tel Aviv vacation

As promised, my photos of Tel Aviv. Now it was the same spot and hotel of last year, so to see more of the area, please click here for last years pictures :)

Tel Aviv has the largest Steimatsky bookstore in Israel (located at Allenby street 107) and they have the largest English department as well, so it's THE place to find books you can't find elsewhere in the country. I bought two suspense paperback novels; a book by Rachel Ashwell, Shabby chic; a book titled New Cottage Style and a book full of craft projects.

Our hotel, the Dan Panorama is located near the beach, 
at walking distance to the Jaffo fleamarket,

Now, this is for my fellow ex-pats here in Israel!
Also at walking distance is the Carmel market and Nachalat Binyamin. From there it's not far to Dizengoff and King George street. In King Georg street is a small shop named Beatrice (I guess it's from the Dutch queen Beatrix), selling only Dutch foods and a few Dutch items. I bought several products, all of my family love and when I paid they gave me a Libelle (Dutch magazine) present! Not from this week, but still fun to read! Prices in the store are around twice to three times the price in Holland, but knowing it's 35 euros to send a parcel up to 5 kilos from the Netherlands that's ok. Heinz sandwich spread is 18,50 shekels (3.5 euros), Brinta is 18 euros (3,3 euros), same price as a box of cereal here as cornflakes. 250 Grams of coffee is 25 shekels (5 euro). They also deliver groceries by post.

Beatrice has an online website and can be found on Facebook.

And these are a few other things we bought in Tel Aviv (besides a ton of presents for the kids). I bought this antique silverplate Moroccan etrog box for hubby, at the Jaffo fleamarket. As tomorrow starts the Festival of Booths or Sukkot, it came right on time :)

In the Moroccan traditional store in Nahalat Benyamin I bought Michal a Tagine dish and cover and bought myself this bowl and tumbler. It's  hand painted and I love the pattern and it will go very well with my collection of Armenian pottery.

What do you think?

Thanks for visiting and have a great week!


It's me said...

Wat leuk al die Nederlandse artikelen......fijn dat je vakantie zo goed was.......hele fijne week liefs van mij...xxx..

Willy said...

Hej Elsina, fijn dat jullie een goede vakantie hebben gehad en mooie aankopen zie ik. Van dat aardewerk houd ik ook zo.
Omdat er nog steeds problemen zijn met de weblogmigratie heb ik nu een tweede blog, hejtjorven.blogspot.com
Eet smakelijk van de Nederlandse producten.
Lieve groet