Monday, 2 April 2012

Organic Lemonade

Every shabbat we have a 2-liter/half a gallon plastic bottle of "fresh" orange juice at the dinner table. Cost: 22 shekels (6 dollars) and a plastic bottle to take to recycling. That's 52 weeks a year, making 52 x 6 dollars is around 300 dollars yearly.

This is what I have in my garden....
Under this lemon tree lay dozens of lemons on the ground wasting into compost. Year after year (I live in this house for 18 years now).

This year we picked them up, picked also many of the overfull branches.

and did this...

Both Yael and Sarai had a large juice-presser (hubby had a simple table juice presser and I cut the lemons). The girls loved it and were disappointed as we finished already the large bucket and two full bags. It took less than an hour.

Result, more than a gallon (5 liters) of fresh pressed pure lemon juice.

I brought it to a boil, adding sugar (for every liter and a half of lemon juice, one kilo sugar) and made it into concentrated lemon syrup (constant move the lemon juice in order for all the sugar to dissolve).

The concentrate syrup we placed in well cleaned olive oil bottles and other reused glass containers. Just leave enough space at the top of the jar for the juice to expand when it freezes, otherwise the jar will crack!

We put it all in the freezer and one large bottle in the fridge for immediate use. To make the lemonade I put a bottom of syrup in a bottle and add  water. Add a few mint (nana) leaves and it's ready.

Tasty, organic, no artificial flavors or other chemical additives, simple,  ready when you need it, no plastic waste bottles and above all for free!

We made our backyard ready for summer and sat outside already enjoying our lemons :)

Have a great week!


La Maison said...

Lieve Elsina, tja eindelijk is dus het kwartje bij je gevallen. Lemonjuice uit eigen tuin is leuker,lekkerder en goedkoper. Wel super om zulke mooie bomen in de tuin te hebben.
Je boft echt om te wonen in zo'n prachtig land.

Lieve groet

It's me said...

Heerlijk je eigen limonade......mooi hoor dat je die bomen in je tuin hebt !!...liefs fijne week liefs van

Willy said...

Wat heerlijk en gezond om dit allemaal uit eigen tuin te kunnen maken. Leuk verslag en foto's ervan.
Fijne week, lieve groet

Altered Amanda said...

Ah, Elsina.. i am jealous!! We had lemon trees in our back yard in Honduras, and our maid made fresh lemonade daily. NOTHING like it! I miss it. Glad you have it. Thank you for the blog train part, too! HOpe you had a great passover!