Saturday, 8 December 2012

Fleamarket find and cookies

I found two beautiful vintage/antique tablecloths at the flea market recently. Both embroidered, one round with blue embroidery (show you that one later) and one for our 1.80 meters (72 inches or so) dinner table in natural linen with light brown embroidery and a crochet border. They cost each 10 euros which are not too bad I think.

In the afternoon we baked cookies for Hanukkah tomorrow evening. They are the normal lemon cookies we always bake with the lemons from our garden, but this time the girls decorated them  (I usually don't use food color). I think they look pretty festive :)

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


Willy said...

Wat is de tafel prachtig gedekt met het nieuwe kleed. De koekjes zien er leuk uit, heel feestelijk. Fijn weekend, lieve groet

It's me said...

Mooi hoor !! en wat een heerlijke koekjes !!!.......liefs fijn weekend van

Juliƫtte said...

Wat een mooie tafelkleden!
Mooie kleur ook!
Je koekjes zien er heerlijk uit!

Liefs, Juliƫtte