Tuesday 19 March 2013

Goodbye Dobbie

One of our stray guest cats, Dobbie, fell ill the day before yesterday. I found her on the street lying in a rainpuddle and at first thought she was dead, but when I lifted her she made some sounds. I dried her and wrapped her in towels and hubby took her to the vet.
The vet gave her an IV and some other shots and told us to keep her warm (her temp had dropped to 35 Celcius). She wasn't any better today and yesterday we took her back to the vet, where after taking blood tests, Dobbie was diagnosed with severe kidney failure. The vet said she wouldn't make it till tomorrow and she was clearly suffering a lot, so we had to put her to sleep on advice of the vet. Goodbye sweet Dobbie! Until the rainbow bridge.


Elizabeth Johnson said...

How very sad. I'm glad you were there for her to bring comfort to her last hours.

Juliƫtte said...

Ach wat zielig! Wat lief dat jullie geprobeerd hebben om haar beter te maken!!
Als het je verdriet wat verzacht, binnenkort komt er een pakje je kant op!!

Liefs, Juliƫtte

Willy said...

Altijd moeilijk om afscheid te nemen van een een huisdier. Sterkte!
Lieve groet,

It's me said...

Wat een naar bericht....arme Dobbie !...sterkte liefs van mij...xxx..

RoseAddict said...

I'm very sorry about Dobbie. I share two things with you that I hope bring you peace and comfort.

Now you lie asleep at last,
All your pain is over, past.
Blue eyes closed in sweet release,
Slumber now, my cat, in peace.

Sunny sills and catnip treats,
Light to chase and friends to meet,
Soft warm laps and petting hands,
Safe with God in cat heaven.


Laurie said...

I'm sorry for your loss. I know you gave him a good life.