Sunday 6 October 2013

Fall freebie!

We had the first rain of the season, the first rain since April and the smell of the wet earth was just wonderful! I thought I would make a few fall clusters and decided to offer them as a freebie! Hope you like!

[[[ DOWNLOAD ]]] 

  For some reason, the file uploaded to 4Shared doesn't open (the file is there complete), I have re-uploaded it and it downloads and opens fine now. In case you still have trouble you can download it from an alternative link at Mediafire.


marlah24 said...

The clusters are beautiful thanks for sharing them.

La Maison said...

Mooi gedaan Elsina.
En fijn voor jullie die regen.


Elna said...

Beautiful fall colors! My little black and white kittens look like angels but they are very mischievous. Here in Sweden we have unusually warm for the season and today the sun was shining.


linda said...

The clusters look beautiful! but for some reason I could not download them! Love your designs:)

Elsina said...

Thank you all for your kind comments!

Linda, I also uploaded them to Mediafire, but also 4Shared should work now.