Monday, 15 September 2014

The summer break

It seemed as if the long hot summer never wanted to end. We got around 40 Celcius! It''s still hot but bearable :)

During my summer break I celebrated my birthday and got from hubby a beautiful white porcelain sink. I wanted for ages to replace my ugly sink in the tiniest shower possible. We bought an Ikea garden cart in the sale, took of the wheels, leveled the legs, drilled a hole in the top and put the sink and it's exactly as I wanted.

We spend a couple of days in Eilat at the Red Sea (had to fly back home early for a Navy ceremony for Michal, not allowed to show the photos from the ceremony). Photos were made with my cellphone, some trough the windows, so not the best quality)


We had a missing cat, Nina who fortunately turned up after 4 days. She had been attacked and had a wound behind her ear. She was totally freaked out, hungry and thirsty but she is all healed now :)

and today we got this

Yael fed Nina in the morning by putting food on top of her closet (Nina is still weary and needs to eat in a "safe"place). Than Yael stepped from her bed and misplaced her foot and landed with her hand bend. She broke the base of her hand near the wrist.

Hope to bring more regular posts now, 
now the weather is getting back to normal :) 
Have a wonderful week!


It's me said...

Wat leuk je bent er weer....mooi geworden je badkamer....hele fijne week liefs Ria...x!

Pierelantijntjes said...

wat een pecht voor Yael! Zal wel pijn gedaan hebben. Gelukkig dat de poes weer terug is. Je blijft zoeken he?
Mooi verjaardagskado heb je gehad hoor. Superleuk gemaakt zo trouwens!
Ook hier hebben we morgen weer een warme dag van boven de 25 graden Elsina. Maar zo warm als bij jullie is het gelukkig niet. Ik kan er nl niet al te best tegen, en voel me dan meestal echt niet zo lekker.
Ik wens je een hele fijne week,
liefs Ester

LadyMauve said...

Shalom from MiM in Australia.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity and your Life in Israel.
Wishing you all the BEST.
Shannah Tovah U'Metukah.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the New Year prayer - it is beautiful.