Friday, 15 January 2016


It has been a long time since I posted any pictures of the kitties. Some of them have left, moved on, we lost a couple and got a few new. Right now it's around ten. We still have our own and first cat, Bastet (10 years old). From a litter of five left on our doorstep we still have Fiona (9). From another litter of 5 we still have Oliver (6 years old), Couscous and Patchoulli. And from a third litter dropped of in our yard anonymously we still have Gerrie, Ozzie and Nina (almost 2 years old). Two months ago we got a new girl, a few weeks old she was sitting crying in front of our door, hungry and wet. Luckily Ozzie, one of the guys adopted her!

Here are a few of our fur babies. Have a great weekend!




(she was attacked and ever since one ear falls down)



Ozzie adopting Edith 
(sorry a bit fuzzy photo)

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It's me said...

Wat een lieverds....fijne zondag liefs van mij x❤️